100 Years

She opens her eyes
Enough to see
And grasps my hand
And looks at me

I tell her
“I love you”
What else can I say?
100 years
Leads to today
So few to hug her
And feel her pain

She’s fought to live
So strong she’s stayed
The stories she’s told me
Of memories made
She squeezes my hand
In her stubborn way
Yet the light
Is gone
From her face

Soon she’ll see
That heavenly gate
And be welcomed by
God’s loving embrace
For now 
I can only
Hold her hand and pray
100 years
Leads to today

There’s beauty
In the morning


By the Fireside

Cool breeze
On a summer night
A taste of autumn
Before its time
Makes me dream
of camping tonight
Sitting under
The moonlit sky
Laughing till
We start to cry
Guitars and voices
Songs of praise
Like embers rise
Reluctant to leave
This dream behind
Warmed by the fireside

free verse, Rhyme

Little Girls

We’ve met at last
Where we met at first
In the town
Where we became friends

The porch swing creaks
As we gently swing
Back to long ago dreams

We laugh the same
Though life has changed
In some ways
Of course it would

But when we hug
As sisters should
And pray for one other

My heart is blessed
That we’re still friends

Little girls
That grew up together