Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem stone
In evening light
Shines like gold
Amber bright
Chipped by war
Smoothed by time
Towering walls
Streets that wind
Into the heart of the city
Jerusalem stone
What stories do you keep?

Ancient ruins
Hidden beneath
Your stones cry out
They cry for peace
Singing and dancing
In the streets
No more fighting
No more fear
When Messiah Yeshua
Has drawn you near
Jerusalem stone
In eternal light
Will shine like gold
Forever bright


7 thoughts on “Jerusalem Stone

  1. Tommy Washburn says:

    I shared this poem on Erev Shabbat, here’s the response from a friends of mine:

    “Man… That poem give me chills. So true!! Give my thanks to the author!! Keep writing!!”

    That’s from a brother who hasn’t even been to the Land yet!!

    I also read it at the Bney Yosef National Shabbat right after Howie and Aline from Mishkanim sang a song “Oh Jerusalem”. Many people were blessed by it.

    Keep up the good work sister.


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