free verse, Rhyme

Love’s Prayer

To the dear couples who have shown me the meaning of true love, and the importance of prayer in finding it. This poem is inspired by you.

What a peace
It is to know
That I’m praying
For you

And you’re praying
For me
Whether we’ve met
Or not

One day
We’ll meet
If it’s the Father’s plan
We’ll see
That love comes through prayer
And through prayer
We’ll keep
And true
Through whatever may be
Faith is the anchor
That holds
You and me


2 thoughts on “Love’s Prayer

  1. sarahmariannawashburn says:

    Amen! So beautiful and true! Several years ago, I felt that praying for my future husband is a way of doing him good all the days of my life (Proverbs 31:12). It will be an amazing day when we meet the person we’ve been praying for:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Sarah! ❤ That's a really good point about Proverbs 31:12….Praying for my future husband is definitely an area in my life that I've really lacked in (I'll have to apologize about that someday….)….but I'm trying to improve that right now. It is definitively a wonderful way that we can be a blessing to them even now! 🙂


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