Songs of Zion

These voices blend
Both young & old
In tune to hymns
Your glory told
I’ll miss this sound
The peace here found
But I’ll join the chorus
Across the sea
For in all the earth
Your praises ring
Songs of Zion
I’ll still bring
My heart will always sing



Your voice is a bright open sky
Don’t be afraid to fly
Let praises pierce
The hardest night
And darkness will turn
To morning light
Let your soul take flight
There’s nothing to fear
With Him in sight
It’s your sacrifice
A song of praise
Through all your life

free verse, Rhyme

Heaven’s Sound

Oh when you hear 
For the first time
The songs of eternity
Ringing in your ears
Then you will know
The most beautiful sound
That no one on earth
Has ever heard
Then you will hear
Those glorious words
“well done my faithful servant”
And though right now
You can’t hear us around

One day your hearing
Will be found
In majestic
Heaven’s sound