Bro & Sis Collaborated, Rhyme

These Summer Days

These summer days
They slip away
Before you know it
Fall leaves arrayed
Beneath our feet
The earth grows cold
And here comes winter
Ever bold
‘Tis the truth
Since times old
Seasons change
There’s sun
There’s snow

But God’s love won’t let us go
These winter days
Burst into spring
And once again we’ll learn to sing
These summer days
Aren’t here to stay
So cherish them in every way
For the gift they are

inspired by Summer Time


2 thoughts on “These Summer Days

  1. You are indeed a lovely poet and most certainly a lovely child of God. Are you aware that Nabeel Quershi has gone on home to be with the Lord? So, he was with us for only a few summer days, but for sure all eternity.

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    • Thank you for your kind comment, Mr, Roger. That was beautifully said. Yes, I am aware that Nabeel is now with the Lord. While I know that this is not “goodbye'”, rather it is “see you later”…yet, still my heart breaks for his family. May they feel Jesus comfort nearer than ever before.


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