The End of You

The end of you
Is just the beginning of Him
A new start
Not built on your own strength
Only held together by His grace


The Healing Comes

The healing comes
It comes with time
Faith will carry you
When you cannot climb
It’ll grow stronger
When you are weak
Bringing joy that runs deep
Greater than what you see
This hope takes hold
And sets you free


free verse

Not Forgotten

Let’s pause to remember
Let’s acknowledge what is true

For every life is precious
A gift from above
Let’s not forget
Let’s stand for honesty
For love
For freedom
For those who have no voice
For the unborn
For the slave
For the unknown and ignored
Let’s stand for hope
For justice
For grace
Let’s walk humbly
Toward the God of our redemption
Toward the hope of tomorrow
Let’s not forget
Let’s change the future

~In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel