Each Day

The doctors said
You wouldn’t see today
But here’s today
And there’s the smile on your face
And though your heart
Might not understand
How this road
Is a part of His plan
Your life says you trust
Your smile says you know
Each day is a gift
From His hands

Prayer, Rhyme


No, there isn’t a word to say
I just want to rest in this place
To hear Your voice speak
Whispering joy and peace

No, there isn’t a clear plan I see
Uncertain still of what it may be
Only let me abide
Close to Your side
Accepting what each day will bring

free verse

Just Him

Quiet my soul
Rest a while
In His presence
Not a care
Just Him
Just the darkening sky
And the cicada’s song
The occasional breeze
And a firefly’s flicker
Just the peace
Of knowing that He’s here
In this small corner of the earth
Alone with me
And yet also everywhere else
At the same time
Just the comfort
Of having no words
Because sometimes words can’t speak
♫ What a Friend We Have in Jesus ♫

free verse, Rhyme


If You created the infinite sky
Know each star by name
Measured the oceans
In the palm of Your hand

If mountains can be moved
And cast in the sea
By faith as small
As a mustard seed

If You are as big
As we can’t even dream
Then why in the world
Do I worry?

Prayer, Rhyme

For the Land

When will the shadows turn to light
When will Zion be a delight?

When will her children walk in peace
When will violence leave her streets
When will the tears cease?

On You we wait
Like watchmen pray
Oh, defend this city

By Your great Name

Please send from above
Oh, heavenly Dove

And heal the Land
That You love