He Knows

He knows the future
I cannot see
And every way
I’m incomplete

He knows the questions
I do not speak
Every doubt
That’s hidden beneath

He knows my heart
Tattered and worn
Every sin I’ve committed
Since I was born

He knows every secret
Every dream
Every fear
He knows every longing
Every thing I hold dear

He knows me completely
Inside and out
There’s things I wish
He didn’t know about
In His presence
He makes me new
And wipes my shame
From His view

What kind of love
Could this be?
Except the matchless
Love of the King
Who gives this gift
To all who’ll receive

He knows who I am
I am redeemed


free verse

This I Know

There is uncertainty
A question
An unknown
Looming in the distance
Testing my faith

There is a doubt
Whispering lies in my ear
A fear stabbing my heart

But greater than the questions
Fears and doubts
Greater than the struggle
Of heart and mind and soul

This I know

I love my Maker
And my Maker loves me
He calls me His child
I am free