I cried again

My tears were deep

Coming from a place not many see

The place where you are buried

I cry again

Your dad and I cry together

For we will love you, Trinity


Your time was short

Our arms were barren

Anger rises for the life you weren’t given

But I relinquish those feeling to embrace the truth

That you are living the life we long to

You’re breathing the air we are dying to breathe

You are free

So I will not trap you in my sorrow

In my pain

I’ll hand you over to His arms of grace

Knowing one day we will see your face

free verse

You Didn’t Know

To the people who’ve changed my life
And didn’t know it
Who spoke a word
Shared their heart
Taught a lesson
Sang a song
Wrote a book
Stood for righteousness
In this world
Your reward is in Heaven
There I hope you’ll see
The blessing you were to me