free verse

Not Forgotten

Let’s pause to remember
Let’s acknowledge what is true

For every life is precious
A gift from above
Let’s not forget
Let’s stand for honesty
For love
For freedom
For those who have no voice
For the unborn
For the slave
For the unknown and ignored
Let’s stand for hope
For justice
For grace
Let’s walk humbly
Toward the God of our redemption
Toward the hope of tomorrow
Let’s not forget
Let’s change the future

~In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

free verse

I’d Rather Love

I’d rather love
And be broken
Then to never love at all

I’d rather cry
And hold memories
Than to live in fear
And doubt

My heart locked away
Not willing to dare
To love

I’d rather have a heart that’s tender
Than a heart that’s hard as stone

For love is true
When it’s truly given
And love is pure
When it’s from above

And though love breaks me
It heals me too
For it reminds me of the truth

That I’d rather love
As my Savior loved
Even when my heart is breaking