Today is a Promise

Today is a promise to tomorrow
A dream
A commitment
An adventure to follow

With God as the compass
And love as the guide
You’ll climb every mountain
And cross rivers wide

No journey is easy
But no words can explain
The joy & the beauty
That sings in the rain

Sunshine will brighten
Hearts held by grace
And hope gives strength
Day by day

It’s a heritage you’re forming
A home established forever
Built by the One
Who brought you

–For Silas & Abigail LaGoy.  Yahweh bless you more than you can dream!

free verse, Story


Restless sleep
Get up
Check your phone
Short prayer
Busy day
A quick hug
Distracted listening
Lack of vision
Days blur together
What is tomorrow?
It is today
Where are we going?


Run to a quiet place
Let Him come
In His time
Changing your heart
Thunder rolls
Music plays
Your heart sings along
Dancing in the rain
Joy through the pain
Faith, hope, and love remain



I love you more than words can say
You’ve touched my heart in so many ways
Each day you’re learning something new
And so often I find I learn from you
How to trust
How to love

How to make others smile
And though I only hold your hand for a while
I hold you in my heart forever
Cherishing these times together
Each day is a gift that God keeps on giving
Bringing a deeper meaning for living


The Quote Challenge (Day 1)

Thanks to Miss Squid over at Squid’s Cup of Tea for nominating me with the  Quote Challenge! 🙂 I happen to be a huge fan of collecting quotes, so posting quotes for three days will not be a  challenge, but choosing only three a day will be! 😉 I’m dividing the days into themes–faith, art, & vision.

❃ Faith❃

“Outside the will of God, there’s nothing I want. Inside the will of God there’s nothing I fear.”

A.W. Tozer

“The secret to a happy life is giving God the first part of your day, the first priority of every decision, and the first place in your heart.”


“We make a god out of whatever we find most joy in. So, find your joy in God and be done with all idolatry.”

John Piper


In addition I’ll be nominating three bloggers each day for the Quote Challenge.

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