free verse

You Didn’t Know

To the people who’ve changed my life
And didn’t know it
Who spoke a word
Shared their heart
Taught a lesson
Sang a song
Wrote a book
Stood for righteousness
In this world
Your reward is in Heaven
There I hope you’ll see
The blessing you were to me


Fruits of the Spirit

Love will never ever change
Joy sings even in the pain
Peace falls like gentle rain
Patience is always happy to wait
Kindness shares abundant grace
Goodness is found in the humble way
Faithfulness rests in His embrace
Gentleness creates a quiet place
Self-control calls upon His Name
In everything to bring Him fame

Prayer, Rhyme

Like a Miracle

May He speak the words
That none could say
And touch your heart
Like a miracle

Wrapping you closer
Than anyone could
And healing your soul
Like you’ve dreamed
He would

May you find rest
In His embrace
Filled with joy
Righteousness & grace
May you dwell 
In His House
For all your days