This My Life, is Not My Life

This my life, is not my life
It’s His life in me
So, though I die
I only live
For eternity


Each Day

The doctors said
You wouldn’t see today
But here’s today
And there’s the smile on your face
And though your heart
Might not understand
How this road
Is a part of His plan
Your life says you trust
Your smile says you know
Each day is a gift
From His hands

Bro & Sis Collaborated, Rhyme

The Mountainside

Many have traveled this twisting road
Up the mountainside
Some looked back
Far too soon
Lost the dream
Lost the view
Some persevered
Though the woods grew thick
They learned this lesson
And promise it’s true

Another turn
Or maybe two
And you’ll see
In front of you

inspired by Old Fall River Road