Bro & Sis Collaborated, Rhyme

Little Man

You’ve much to learn
Little man
But for today just stay
Wrapped tightly in your mommy’s hug
Or playing with your siblings in the sun
Down the trail and to the creek
Imagination dancing with your little feet
God’s got a plan
Little man
For whatever trail you meet

inspired by The Trail



I love you more than words can say
You’ve touched my heart in so many ways
Each day you’re learning something new
And so often I find I learn from you
How to trust
How to love

How to make others smile
And though I only hold your hand for a while
I hold you in my heart forever
Cherishing these times together
Each day is a gift that God keeps on giving
Bringing a deeper meaning for living

Fiction, Rhyme, Story

Story of a Girl

A little girl
Grew up one day
And through the years
Forgot to pray

It seemed so simple
How much did it change?
When God already
Had it all arranged?

Her heart drifted down
Wide paths that were new
And how quickly the past
Slipped from her view
She began to wonder
Is His love still true?
Was there hope for her
Though hope was not due?

She longed for her
When she knew God 
And she knew
She was safe

She closed her eyes
Could she still pray?
Would He listen to her
After she’d run away?

So many sins
Her heart did bear
And yet she knew 
That God still cared
Surely He was still out there

She whispered
Her prayer
Into the breeze
And hoped
It would drift
Higher than the trees

She closed her eyes
And gently breathed
The fresh air of early spring
She heard a bird 
Begin to sing
And the laughter of children
In the distance ring

The years began to come undone
Every sin she’d committed
By the precious blood
Of Her Savior’s love
Born again
From above

She felt what she hadn’t 
Felt in years
God’s presence once again drew near
And washed away
Her guilt and fear
The future looked so bright and clear
Much the like the childhood
She held so dear

Yet life could not be the same
The lessons she learned
Had shaped her faith
She knew
The depth
The height
And length
The love of God
None can equate

She found His endless
Gift of grace 

A little girl
Came home to stay
And here her story
Will grow each day
As she bows her head
And humbly prays

Dear God
I’m Your
Little girl

free verse, Rhyme

Little Girls

We’ve met at last
Where we met at first
In the town
Where we became friends

The porch swing creaks
As we gently swing
Back to long ago dreams

We laugh the same
Though life has changed
In some ways
Of course it would

But when we hug
As sisters should
And pray for one other

My heart is blessed
That we’re still friends

Little girls
That grew up together

free verse

Swing Me Higher

There’s a pink toddler swing
Hanging from the twisting oak
Perfect for a two-year-old

Push me higher 
Push me higher
She sings
I want to touch the leaves
Swing me higher 
Swing me higher
She grasps the bright green leaf

Someday she will have bigger dreams
Of bigger things than leaves
She will fly to them too
And hold them close
She’ll see her dreams come true

She will always swing
With a gentle smile and twinkling eyes
Her young heart soaring through the bright blue sky