Your voice is a bright open sky
Don’t be afraid to fly
Let praises pierce
The hardest night
And darkness will turn
To morning light
Let your soul take flight
There’s nothing to fear
With Him in sight
It’s your sacrifice
A song of praise
Through all your life

free verse


They come from beyond me
And overtake me

They dance in my head
And twirl in my heart
And make me do cartwheels in the yard

They make me skip
And jump
And run away
To find the nearest pen and paper
And start to scribble

Bursting in my head
Like fireworks
Growing in my heart
From a tiny seed
Into something bigger
Bigger than I’d dreamed

They live inside me
But when I give them wings
They fly away
They change
They become a different melody
In someone else’s heart

They long for freedom
So give them wings
Let them soar through the sky
And find a new home

Let them brave the darkness
Like the stars

Let them bring beauty
Like the spring

Let them live

Let them sing

free verse

Swing Me Higher

There’s a pink toddler swing
Hanging from the twisting oak
Perfect for a two-year-old

Push me higher 
Push me higher
She sings
I want to touch the leaves
Swing me higher 
Swing me higher
She grasps the bright green leaf

Someday she will have bigger dreams
Of bigger things than leaves
She will fly to them too
And hold them close
She’ll see her dreams come true

She will always swing
With a gentle smile and twinkling eyes
Her young heart soaring through the bright blue sky